Why Your Water Heater Efficiency Is So Important

As a homeowner, one of the most important aspects of your routine responsibilities is maintaining the integrity of your air and water systems. Aside from the energy efficiency of properly-functioning units (which can save you plenty of money on your monthly utility bills), there is also the health and wellness of your family to consider.

Ultimately, there is also the longevity of your air system and water heater, as both could be expensive to replace. Here, we look at a few important reasons why your home’s water efficiency is so important.

The Functions of the Water Heater


Traditional water heaters serve two crucial purposes within the household: heating the water supply for your kitchen and bathrooms, as also converting the hot water into hot air, or steam, throughout the winter months. In your home’s kitchen area, the dishwasher and faucet are completely dependent upon hot water for cleaning and hygiene purposes (which is a serious issue for ensuring the health of you and your family). Likewise, in the bathrooms, the faucets, baths, and showers require heated water in order to function properly. Finally, each load of laundry throughout the week may or may not need a warm temperature for specific forms of clothes, and your hot water heater is also needed to get that job done.

Aside from traditional water heaters and heating systems (which disperse the steamed heat throughout your home using radiators, ductwork, and ventilation), there are also new technologies for better efficiency. For example, tankless water heaters hold little water, which can be greatly beneficial to your energy and water bills. The type of water heater that you have installed in your home can be a crucial decision for saving money, as well as maintaining the household’s comfort zone. If you’re looking for a new water heater, a tankless unit can save gallons of water per month, and that’s only one of the most important factors of inconsistent heating efficiency.

The Importance of Water Heater Efficiency


Just as recent developments in heat pump technology have helped in lowering the energy bills of countless households, tankless water heaters are quickly becoming a go-to upgrade in many homes. With a heat pump, single units are able to provide both hot and cold air throughout the home during the needed months, primarily by using the air outside as the source of airflow. The unit then warms the air during the winter and redistributes it inside the house; during the summer months, that same system provides the needed cooler air in the same way. For water heater technology, the tankless unit conserves just as much energy and provides as much efficiency, proving a large improvement over the standard water heater.

This past year has seen more households remain indoors than they have in decades, as the Covid-19 pandemic and its forced quarantine aimed to provide the needed health benefits of social distancing. With that in mind, many people missed the many benefits of travel and are antsy to vacation to new places with their family members. Many families that travel have the disadvantage of having to worry about their running appliances during long trips and, believe it or not, an additional benefit of new air systems and advanced heat exchanger is the bonus that the efficiency, while you’re away, will also equal a lower bill on the following month. Plus, seeing as a tankless water heater requires a significantly smaller amount of liquid than an electric unit, in the unlikely event of a mechanical error while you’re away, flooding and serious water damage are no longer a concern.

With the benefits of requiring less energy, lower utility bills, less worry, and the promise of consistently hot water as needed, there are numerous reasons why the efficiency of a new air system and water heater for your home is a good way to make a long-term investment.