3 Benefits of Commercial Greenhouse Rolling Benches

The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly. That’s good news for growers in legal states, but it could also mean that you need to increase your plant yield to meet the increasing demand. Indeed, it’s time to take your commercial growth operation to the next level. However, the question is, how can you increase your yield with limited grow space in your greenhouse?

One of the best ways to upgrade your greenhouse is to switch from wooden greenhouse benches to an aluminum rolling bench system. So, what is it about rolling benches that’s so revolutionary? In this article, we’ll explain three of the most important benefits of greenhouse rolling benches.

1. More Grow Space


Let’s start by saying there’s nothing inherently wrong with wooden, stationary styles of greenhouse benches. However, you must adjust to improve your cannabis grow operation. One of the problems with stationary benches is that you have to create aisles between each table with enough width to move about and work comfortably. With commercial greenhouse rolling benches, aisle space is a worry of the past.

When you have premium greenhouse benches that you can move with ease, you don’t have to prioritize walkways. Indeed, growers typically increase their space by 20 to 33 percent by switching to rolling tabletops. You can even install multi-level benches, which, theoretically, could double or triple your space depending on how high you go.

2. Better Productivity


Working with stationary greenhouse benches can be strenuous on the body. As you know, when you continuously have to stoop or bend over, it can cause joint and back pain, and eventually, that can slow down even the busiest bees. You can’t raise or lower a wooden bench as you need, but rolling benches come with adjustable legs that allow you to bring the tabletop to working level, doing your back and knees a great favor.

In addition to commercial rolling benches being easier on your knees and back, they also allow you to tend to plants much quicker. When you can adjust the table to you rather than the other way around, it saves energy that you can put back into tending your crop. Indeed, after a week of using greenhouse rolling benches, you might notice that you have more spring in your step than you did before.

3. Easier Maintenance


Not only do these bench designs give you more production space and make work easier for you and your teammates, but these tables are also easier to maintain. Wood can be difficult to disinfect due to its organic, porous nature. However, as you read earlier, rolling benches are metal, making them easier to sterilize. You have to replace wooden benches every few years, which causes downtime in addition to high labor costs. Rolling benches are easy to move and maintain, and they’re much more durable than their wooden counterparts.

As you can see, there are some really good reasons for installing rolling benches in your greenhouse. Indeed, a commercial greenhouse rolling bench can make a world of difference for your cannabis grow operation and help you increase your profits significantly.

One of the main reasons to choose a rolling bench system over stationary benches is that they give you more room to work with, meaning greater yields. Another great thing about rolling benches is they can make work easier for you and your team, enabling everyone to be more productive. Additionally, this bench system is easier to scale and maintain than stationary bench systems. Ultimately, rolling benches give you more control over the growing process than stationary styles. So, are you ready to get your commercial greenhouse rolling?