Where To Find a Propane Generator for House

A propane generator uses propane, which is a byproduct of natural gas, to create electricity. It’s often used as a backup generator during weather emergencies or blackouts. Due to extreme weather conditions, it’s common for households in the Mid-Atlantic region to experience power outages. This is due to an old electrical grid and an increasing population. When there’s a hurricane or a blizzard, homeowners can go several days without electricity or water. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions from time to time, you may want to consider getting a backup generator for your home. Here’s why you should consider getting a propane generator and where to obtain one.

Where can I get a propane generator?


If you’re looking to get a propane generator for house, Griffith Energy Services offers a selection of standby generators. You can choose a generator that runs on gas or on propane. Their professionals can install a home standby generator and determine the correct size for your home’s usage. When a blackout or power outage occurs, this device will automatically activate. You won’t even have to be at home to activate it. The generators are also encased so that there’s limited noise output. Technicians at Griffith Energy Services will wire your generator to your home’s electrical panel. That way, you won’t have to worry about keeping items in your refrigerator cold or navigating your alarm system. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a backup generator in place. The only decision you have to make is choosing between a gas or a propane generator.

How does a propane generator differ from a gas generator?

Both of these types of generators have their advantages and disadvantages. Gas is generally a lot easier to obtain, but when there’s an emergency, you’ll find that the supply becomes very limited. It may even be difficult for you to obtain gas because of how many people use it. The shelf life of this fuel type is around a year. In comparison, propane has an indefinite shelf life. It’s more expensive, but it does burn a lot cleaner than gas does. It all depends on whether you are trying to stick within a budget and if you make decisions that are dependent on environmental consciousness.

What are some of the benefits of a propane generator?


At the end of the day, a propane generator boasts a lot of benefits. For starters, a propane generator has the ability to generate power for your home in case of an outage automatically. This is thanks to circuits found within your electrical wiring. If you’ve vacated your home due to severe weather, the propane generator prevents frozen pipes, a flooded basement, and spoiled food. The best part is that propane can be stored safely in aboveground or underground tanks for an unlimited amount of time. It never degrades or gets contaminated, so you can feel peace of mind knowing that your home will be fine during a blizzard, a hurricane, or a thunderstorm.

Hundreds of thousands of homes in the Mid-Atlantic United States experience power outages because of severe weather and an aging power grid. With a growing population, it puts more strain on the electrical grid and causes power outages during cold weather and other extreme weather situations. While you may be considering a gas generator, you might want to think about a propane generator instead. Propane may be more readily available in emergencies because it isn’t as widely used in comparison to gas. Plus, gas has a year-long shelf life while propane has an indefinite shelf life. You can find a propane generator for your home with the help of Griffith Energy Services.