Top-Rated Products for Eco-Friendly Moms

It’s no secret that being eco-friendly is one of the top trends in this day and age. As people learn more about how the mass manufacturing of most products on the shelves today is affecting our planet, as well as their own health, the act of being conscious in that sense has become a priority for many.

For moms, the way they work eco-friendly habits into their lifestyles might look a little different than people of other demographics. From using a plant-based cleaner to throwing cloth diapers in the washing machine with eco-friendly detergent, there are so many different eco-friendly alternatives on the market to choose from today. We are going to go over some of the highest quality eco-friendly products that are must-haves for moms and will change the game for eco-friendly motherhood.

Doing laundry doesn’t have to feel icky!


Doing laundry with high-quality, eco-friendly laundry detergent is a total game-changer. Not only does the natural fragrance bring life back into your clothes and various textiles, but it feels good knowing your clothes are being washed without harsh chemicals, phosphates, and dyes.

If you want to go this route, some would argue the best laundry soap on the market is a revolutionary detergent that comes in a strip. Tru Earth has revolutionized the chore of doing laundry by creating a product that is easily tossed into the washer and has the cleaning power of some of the top leading brands of laundry soap, such as Tide pods and Persil detergent. There won’t be too many suds, but that is because it works in every type of washing machine, including high-efficiency (HE) ones. This detergent is hypoallergenic and is also free of bleach, dyes, and phosphates. Not to mention that it can take on tough stains as well as any bleach-filled liquid detergent or laundry powder.

Out with the plastic and in with stainless steel bottles.


Did you know the first baby bottles were made of glass? It might be hard to picture as a large majority of baby bottles on the market today are made of plastic, as well as most products on the shelves today. The baby bottle game is changing as people become more conscious of the effects of plastic production and consumption have on the planet and on our bodies. Klean Kanteen has revolutionized feeding by creating a bottle with a food-grade stainless steel exterior and easy to read measurement marks for feeding time ease. It’s time to throw out the plastic nursing bottles that potentially leach dangerous chemicals like BPA‚Äôs with every sip and upgrade to this futuristic bottle.

Crafts can be wasteful, but not with this edible alternative.


Have you ever had an arts and crafts day with your kids and realized how much material was wasted when it was all said and done? Eco-kids has introduced a product that brings a special kind of joy to finger painting. The company’s edible, non-toxic finger paint that is made from organic fruit, plant, and vegetables that are certified safe for children, and good for the planet. Not only can you feel good about the ingredients, but you can quit worrying so much about your kids ingesting toxic materials next time you have an arts and crafts day.

While this article has gone over some of the best eco-friendly products on the market today, there are also several resources for moms to be on the lookout for new products to help make the toughest job on the planet a little bit easier. TrulyMama is one online community that strives to bring moms together by providing resources about new products, tips for new mothers, pregnancy guidance and support, and much more.

It’s not always easy being a mom as the world is rapidly changing and requiring us to make more conscious efforts, but thankfully some of the products on the market today are a game-changer as we start to become more aware of the decisions we make about our planet, and most importantly, our families.