The Right Way to Start a Business With Your Spouse

Spouses who run successful businesses together are more common than one might think. Running a successful business isn’t without difficulties, but partnering with family adds another set of challenges and dynamics. 

When it comes to working with a spouse, the understanding of and trust in each other makes for an ideal partnership. Putting all the finances together in the same endeavor and trying to avoid a power struggle can also make business trying. Understanding the right way to start a business with your spouse will eliminate the concerns about joint entrepreneurship. 

Define the Business Type, Ownership, and Roles 

To establish a business, define the business type. Who owns the business and managerial roles will determine the type of business to set up. Start by looking at the basics: do both spouses have business experience that is necessary to own a business? Who is the decision-maker, and what other commitments does each partner have? How involved do both spouses want to be? Taxes will vary based on the type of business, so consulting with an accountant to help understand options is advisable. 

It’s smart to practice diligence and learn everything possible about someone before going into business. Whether someone is a stranger or close relation, doing a check of personal records can reveal how qualified a potential partner is. Marriage records can be explored on GoLookUp to confirm that marriage licenses are in place and that spouses are legally married. It’s important to make sure there are no legal issues in any way that can interfere with starting a business. 

Each spouse should have clearly defined roles within the business. Be clear about your personal strengths and weaknesses to determine the balance of roles and responsibilities. Both spouses need to agree on the vision and overall big business picture. List what a successful business means in the long-run and always refer back to joint goals. If either spouse begins to have a different vision, communicate and find a way to stay on track toward the end goal. Once these steps have been completed, put a business agreement in writing. 

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Always Maintain Effective Communication 

Spouses argue. It’s truth within most marriages, but a business partnership is different. Successful couples who go into business together understand the importance of defining a work-life balance. Having synergy will inspire employees and promote morale. Spouses who work together spend the majority of their time constantly together. Take time to participate in activities or pursue hobbies separately. 

Always maintain open and extensive lines of communication at work. Partners must be on the same page and present a unified front. Spouses must support each other during difficult or stressful times during business and prevent work-place stress. 

Encourage Professional Growth 

Successful business owners know how to balance praise and constructive criticism. Take the time to thank each other for successes and approach constructive criticism with open ears. Complimenting a partner’s talents can boost confidence and strengthen the working relationship. 

Respecting each other is crucial to running a successful business together. Stress happens in the workplace and sometimes tempers flare. Always remember to be respectful and have a sense of humor. Find happiness in and appreciate the little things every day, and celebrate successes as they happen.