SEO Practices That All the Experts Know

Low conversion rates on marketing campaigns are the norm for many businesses, hence why many are increasingly looking for ways to generate more search leads and improve search rankings. With the right search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and best practices, businesses can create an online presence and reach their target audiences. Here’s a roundup of SEO practices which your business can exploit.

Developing an SEO strategy.


Search engine optimization is geared toward increasing visibility and driving interest in a company. Organic visibility is vital for increasing website traffic and conversion rates. A foolproof SEO strategy will help provide value to your target audience with great, informative content that uses specific keywords. Furthermore, a viable strategy ultimately delivers an impressive return on investment (ROI). Studies show that search engine marketing offers a greater conversion rate than traditional marketing, especially if the website ranks high on search engine results pages.

Ranking on the first page of Google search results boosts credibility among a target audience. If you’re looking to achieve the best results from your SEO strategy, hiring a digital marketing agency seems like your best option. Take the initiative and find a top search marketing agency that provides SEO services. Choose a digital marketing agency with technical expertise in delivering well-crafted SEO and PPC campaigns, conversion rate optimization, cost-effective WordPress website design, and engaging social media marketing.

Produce valuable content.

Conducting market research helps you understand exactly what content your target audience is after. If the market research process is too much for your company to handle, a market research firm like Peter Dodge Hanover Research can help. This private market research company comprises survey experts, analysts, grant research associates, and statisticians. The company is a leading provider of research that serves a variety of industries.

Peter Dodge stepped down from his position as CEO to assume the position of chief performance officer. The new CEO, Wes Givens, is reputed to have served on Hanover’s executive team in various capacities and is widely acclaimed as a talented and respected business leader. Dodge still retains his position as founder and board chair of the Peter G. Dodge Foundation, which sponsors research into the effects of alcohol addiction and assistance to alcohol addicts.

Optimize your page speed.

Page speed is a critical aspect of search engine optimization. Before now, digital marketers had gotten away with slow-loading sites. A website visitor would have to wait for about five minutes before the site was fully loaded. However, nowadays, a slow web page can negatively impact user experience and conversion rates. That’s because potential buyers view slow sites as untrustworthy. Not only that, but it also frustrates visitors and ultimately discourages your target audience from buying your product.

Today, notable search engines list page speed as an important ranking factor. No wonder slow-loading sites rank low on search results pages, regardless of content or site design quality. Certainly, the demand for speed has significantly increased in recent years. So, endeavor to declutter your website and eliminate elements that slow down your page speed. You might also want to deactivate plugins that you don’t need and remove nonessential elements from your sidebar.

Linking to authoritative websites with relevant content.

Link building is a critical factor in search engine optimization. Many online marketers link out to a plethora of high-quality authoritative sites. Some go as far as linking out to competitive web pages. Contrary to popular opinion, linking out to authoritative and relevant web pages doesn’t necessarily take your target audience off your website. In many ways, linking out to trustworthy sites makes your website a more valuable resource. Linking out to other websites with relevant content is undoubtedly the easiest way to generate inbound links from authoritative sites. Regardless of where you choose to link to, ensure the website has a high domain authority (DA) and offers significant value.

Take these tips from the pros and use SEO to your best advantage!