Rethink Your Commercial Space With These 3 Ideas

Owning or renting your own commercial space is a hefty responsibility to take on, especially since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important to make your space comfortable and functional while also maintaining the safety of your staff. Making smart, practical decisions when assembling your commercial space is the best way to ensure your staff will be happy and your facility can withstand the test of time.

Having a Quality Heating and Cooling System

One of the easiest ways to ensure the comfortability of your team is to have a reliable, efficient heating and cooling system for your office. No matter the location of your office space, having a dependable temperature control system is essential. The heating and cooling experts at Dalton Heating and Air believe that commercial spaces need as much care and attention as homes, and that’s why they’re committed to providing their clients with the highest quality service possible for their office building’s HVAC system.


The highly-trained technicians at Dalton Heating and Air have the expertise and experience that allows them to provide top-quality HVAC installation and maintenance services. Just as your home HVAC system is essential to your family’s comfort, your office building’s HVAC system is critical for your employees’ day-to-day needs. The best way to ensure both productivity and comfort among your team is to keep your HVAC system properly maintained, and this is where Dalton Heating and Air comes into play. Whether you need regular yearly maintenance or emergency repairs, the Comfort Specialists at Dalton will ensure your system is running smoothly.

Creating Comfort Spaces for Employees

It’s essential to keep employee comfortability in mind when designing or renovating your commercial space. A great way to advance company culture and productivity is to ensure that your employees are satisfied with their workplace. This includes both the physical workplace and the emotional atmosphere. Recognition for accomplishments and great work is one of the best ways to boost employee morale. In order to show appreciation to your employees and your gratitude for their hard work, you need to prioritize your team members’ needs and wants.


One area to start is the comfort areas of the office. The break room should be a place where staff members can go to relax, and providing your team members with a surprise treat or snacks on a regular basis can go a long way with both employee retention and morale. Decking out the office comfort spaces is a creative way to give your staff members an area of peace and solace that they can look forward to during their workday. As an employer, going the extra mile to recognize the professional growth of your team members can have an overwhelmingly positive impact. Whether it’s a small gift, like a handwritten note or gift card, for an individual employee’s accomplishment or it’s a peer recognition program for the office, having a reward system in place is a simple way to guarantee retention and give kudos for important milestones.

Keeping Employees Safe in a Post-COVID World

Employee safety has been at the forefront of every employer’s mind since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially true of employers in the United States. As the deadly pandemic rages on, many temporarily remote employees have been asked to return to their workplace and resume normal operations. As an employer, you need to be aware that the pandemic has created a new “normal” for business operations. The last time your staff members were all present in close-quarters was before the highly transmittable virus was being passed around. Prioritizing health care and safety protocols can go a long way in keeping your employees safe and happy.


Now is the perfect time to rethink your office space. You can take your team members’ productivity to the next level by adequately spacing out employee workspaces and implementing social distancing guidelines. It’s especially important for you to acknowledge that any employees with disabilities can still do a great job during these dangerous times. Ask your employees to be specific about their needs and use this information to rethink your space in a creative way that offers the proper accommodations.