Maximize Your Software ROI: Money Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship doesn’t have to drain your finances. This is especially true if you incorporate the right tools and software into your arsenal. Certain programs and platforms can streamline your daily operations, help you follow best practices, and meet your business need more effectively.

From service desk assistance that benefits your end-users to tools that enhance problem management and incident management, there are ways to incorporate software into your business that will help you maximize productivity without overspending.

ITSM tools benefit your entire business.

If you’re working in a more technical sector, you likely need to allocate extra resources to IT service management, also known as ITSM. ITSM platforms help you with a wide variety of operations that not only benefit your business but also your end-users. The right ITSM framework or service management framework can help you with service delivery, change management, knowledge management, and digital transformation. By incorporating the right IT service delivery model, you can even control objectives and alleviate pressure on your help desk and IT team.


Different case studies showcase the benefits of ITSM and its adjoined framework for a variety of different industries and sectors, including education, manufacturing, service management, and more. If your IT service needs added assistance, incorporating a strong IT service delivery model can boost productivity and reduce overhead through both time and resources saved. Combined with a strong information technology infrastructure library (ITIL), you can see definitive cost-saving benefits that work across your business for added effectiveness and greater results.

Marketing software can cut costs.

Outside of your IT service, a major component of digital transformation revolves around your marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a stronger digital transformation showing that doesn’t overly tax your business processes, you might want to invest in a strong marketing platform. The right software tools enable you to better connect with your end-users and craft a more robust online presence. Of course, when you’re looking at marketing tools, you need to weigh costs against benefits. If you’re not finding a given software platform to be effective or you’re having trouble reaching your target end-users, you may want to opt for a managed service, instead.


When you’re deciding on a marketing platform, it’s important to choose one that can better integrate with your existing framework. For instance, if you’re offering a service-based framework, you’ll want a piece of software that can connect with your chosen CRM and track progress past initial sales numbers and signed contracts. Some marketing software will require you to enable the necessary cookies to properly function. Without these necessary cookies, you may see your progress hampered if different processes are slowed.

Connect with your customers more effectively.

While various components of your service desk needs will be handled by ITSM and ITIL processes, you also need to consider the human component of customer interaction. While it’s great to automate certain aspects of your service desk, you also need to consider those additional touches that enable greater levels of customer and brand loyalty. ITSM handles many of the unseen factors of these integrations but you still need to consider other strategies for customer communication.


A contact center platform can save you time and money in the form of fewer dropped calls, stronger outreach, and more intuitive departmental pathfinding. With the right solution, it’s easier to route calls, enhance agent productivity, and maintain client relations without an overextension of your resources. This applies to both startups and larger organizations and can save costs on infrastructure expenses and office space as well.

By using the right software tools, you can maximize your business’s ROI and ensure that you’re also catering more effectively to your customers. From ITSM solutions to marketing platforms, the right software can make a major difference.