Manufacturing Industry Growth Trends for 2021

The manufacturing industry is poised for a banner year as we enter 2021. With lockdowns in relation to local and national Covid-19 surges continuing into the New Year, the manufacturing sector will be forced to continue producing consumer goods at an alarming rate. Covid-19 has reinvented the customer-manufacturer relationship and built new opportunities for startup enterprises to fill in the gaps that the giants are missing.

Medical Industry Movements


Growth in the industry stands ready to take on the challenges of the coronavirus and those beyond it as vaccines are rolled out across the United States and the world. Industry leaders like Roivant’s Vivek Ramaswamy are seeing the future of medical manufacturing and moving to capitalize on the void that exists between the present and that bold future. Roivant and Ramaswamy have been raising capital in order to buy up the rights to discontinued drug trials that showed promise before their shuttering.

Pharmaceutical outlets across the United States often close out trials before their completion due to budgetary restrictions or a lack of discretionary funding, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the drug wasn’t a viable solution to a problem faced by millions of Americans on a daily basis. Roivant has bought up diabetes and other late-stage drug rights in order to continue this work of delivering high-quality medical solutions at a low price point to those who are suffering the most.

If Roivant finds success in even one trial, this may signal a new trend in the way the medical manufacturing industry operates. Customers are demanding greater access to affordable medication and the industry and government are working to provide these solutions that seek to provide durability and benefits to the millions of American patients suffering from treatable illnesses. 2021 is primed for greater movement on medical coverage and generic drug introductions that will improve the quality of life enjoyed by those all across the United States.

Shipping and Packaging


The shipping industry is also seeing a transformation take place. Alongside customer demand for greater speed, consumers are looking for a mixture of durability and environmentally sustainable packaging for their purchases. Fully-automatic case sealers are providing for this more environmentally friendly approach. The shipping industry moves millions of packages each day, and the replacement of plastics with biodegradable cardboard is making a huge difference in the drive for a greener United States and the planet.

Amazon alone ships more than 2.5 billion packages each year, and countless others are not far behind in the aggregate. Utilizing a production line solution for boxing up products and getting them out the door faster and with less waste involved is going to become the standard across all shipping in the coming months and years.

With more and more small manufacturing hubs utilizing automated case sealer technologies as well, those working in the manufacturing industry have more time to focus on the product rather than the containers they will be shifted in. This trend is occurring across all sectors of the manufacturing world as well, not just in certain product supply chains. Relying on a high-quality case sealer that includes numerous standardized features is the way forward in merchandising and manufacturing.

The industry is poised for a shakeup and technological and socially conscious solutions to the problems that have always plagued suppliers and consumers are the way forward. Getting on board with these changes early in 2021 will ensure that your business is ready for the future when those lagging behind catch up with the trending drive for smart and sustainable investment. Don’t get left behind, make the switch to socially greener manufacturing now.