How To Use Your Stimulus on Home Upgrades

Your stimulus check is finally transferred into your bank account, and you can’t wait to invest this money into your home. Arguably so, if you don’t need all of your stimulus amount for bills, then home improvements are a great way to use this extra cash. By choosing to put the money towards specific areas of your home, you might even increase your return on investment in the long-run too. If you’re ready to put that stimulus money directly into your home, then keep reading to explore which choices pay off home upgrades.

Determine what you can spend.


The first step in this process isn’t to start spending. As with any large purchase, you want to make sure that you create a budget to determine what’s affordable for you. As homeowners, you have to decide where to allocate these extra stimulus funds. Depending on how much money you may need to pay off any other debts, you need to work with what’s leftover.

Once you come up with a final spending number that feels comfortable to you, then move forward with your upgrade ideas. While you continue remodeling and buying the necessary accessories always keep your budget at the forefront. This way, you get your dream upgrade while remaining at an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank.

Choose an upgrade that pays off.


One of the best renovations that have a high return on investment is a bathroom upgrade. When it comes time to buying a home, bathrooms are one of the main rooms that people are willing to dish out a bit more cash for. With this in mind, it makes sense to put your money towards the bathroom of your dreams. As you prepare to create this vision, check out for the perfect shower. These Kohler showers are fully customizable in every aspect from the color, material, and style.

Another bonus is that their showers showcase stunning designs matched with the option for as little as one day of installation. Working with them means working closely with a team full of shower experts who know how to design a luxury bath space. In no time, you’ll be basking in the newly installed shower that was made for you. At the end of the day, this specialized touch for your bathroom is priceless.

Put it towards something less conventional.


It may seem funny to start saving for the holiday season now. However, considering how much people spend on holiday gifts and holiday decorations, it actually makes sense to put aside some of your stimulus money for the upcoming holiday season. An area that everyone loves to change up about their home during Christmas time is their decorations and outdoor holiday lights. Every Christmas lover’s dream knows that nothing sounds better than a fully decked-out home with a Christmas tree adorned with Christmas lights, indoor wire lights, wreaths, and stockings. Not to mention the outdoor lights that illuminate your home.

When choosing outdoor lights, you should consider these outdoor LED Christmas lights to make your home stand out. These particular lights come in a variety of styles like icicle lights, net lights for bushes, light projectors, and traditional string lights. Plus, they all use less energy than other competitors that drain their power source. Putting away this extra cash for the holiday season now ensures that you’ll have a jolly and well-decorated home in the future.

Revamp the exterior.


One final way to put your stimulus money to good use is to fix up the exterior of your home. Luckily, this can be done with a very small budget. It may look as simple as buying a couple of new chairs for the porch so that you can enjoy morning and nights outside. Another idea is to decorate your backyard with rope lights and some new plants to produce a dreamy atmosphere.

If you can’t afford to buy anything new to upgrade the outdoor space, that’s okay too. Instead of adding new items focus on cleaning up the porch and backyard that you have. Clean up the siding or brick, make sure your lawn and landscaping look nice, and last but not least, take pride in the home that you’ve worked hard for.