How to Prepare for a Birth Injury Case

Complications that arise when a person is giving birth can injure the parent or infant. Some people who suffer from birth injuries may recover with treatment, but birth injuries can also cause permanent damage.


People who’ve sustained a birth injury may have legal grounds to pursue a case against the persons responsible for their injury. You may need money from a legal settlement to cover personal living costs and medical costs incurred due to the birth injury. There are some crucial steps you should take to ensure you’re prepared for court if you plan to pursue legal action over your birth injury.

Hire a personal injury attorney.



Google “Chicago birth injury attorneys” to locate personal injury lawyers in your area and find an attorney who has experience handling birth injury cases. You must find an attorney specializing in personal injury law because these lawyers are more familiar with relevant case law that can be used to support your case. Personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation, which means you can talk to an attorney and ensure you feel comfortable with them before assuming any legal costs.

Gather relevant information that supports your case.



Once you hire a lawyer, they will discuss the information they require to build a legal case on your behalf. You may need to gather medical records and bills to verify the dates you received treatment and the medical procedures performed. Your lawyer will also ask you to provide contact information for witnesses present before or during the delivery. Witnesses can help establish how the birth injury occurred and who was responsible.

Get a comprehensive medical examination and begin treatment.



The nature of your birth injury and the injury’s impact could determine the amount of money you may qualify to receive. Complete a thorough medical exam. Have all the medical tests your physician recommends to ensure that they verify the full extent of your injuries and determine your treatment requirements. Your medical records can establish a permanent disability or permanent implications, such as infertility, stemming from your birth injury.


If your infant sustained a birth injury, your doctor might also identify health risks associated with their injury. For example, experiencing a head injury may increase their risks of developing a brain tumor later in life. It’s crucial to identify legitimate health risks that could affect your medical costs and quality of life to ensure you receive all of the compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Purchase suitable clothing to wear to court.



Your appearance can make a significant impression on the judge and jury when you appear in court. If you’re uncertain about what to wear, attend a similar court hearing as an observer or talk to your lawyer to determine what’s appropriate. Black dress pants are a great option because they look professional and are easy to match. You can complete your outfit with a blouse, sweater, or shirt and jacket. When you choose your clothes, make sure your outfit is comfortable, because you may spend several hours in court. You can also opt for pull-on pants with drawstrings if you’re experiencing swelling or discomfort as a result of your injury.

Address any mental health issues you’re experiencing as a result of your injury.



You may suffer from severe psychological and emotional issues after you give birth. Postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect any person who’s given birth, even if they didn’t suffer from complications during the delivery process. Those who’ve sustained a birth injury are more likely to suffer from PTSD. PTSD can cause several symptoms, including insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, pain, and nausea. People who are affected by PTSD may have difficulty working and performing routine tasks. In some cases, people with PTSD qualify for permanent disability benefits.


If you’re experiencing symptoms of PTSD, see a licensed therapist to discuss your feelings and the events that led to the birth injury. Counseling can help you process the situation and develop strategies for coping with your trauma. A report from a therapist may also strengthen your birth injury case, and you ensure you receive compensation for the cost of therapy and the pain and suffering you’re experiencing.


Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is a crucial step you should take to prepare your birth injury case. Your attorney will ensure they pursue all of the compensation you may be eligible to receive and prompt you to gather crucial information that can support your case.