How to Make 2021 the Year of Personal Health

The global pandemic and Covid-19 have taught us many things. One of the biggest things the pandemic has taught people from all over the world is how important our health and the health of our loved ones is. As the global pandemic continues on, 2021 is a great year to start making health a priority in a number of ways. For things to think about when it comes to making 2021 a year for personal health, read on.

Addressing Chronic Pain


The pandemic has caused many people to ignore ongoing issues like heart troubles, inflammation, discomfort, and regular visits with their primary care physician. While it’s understandable that some people have chosen to put off a visit to the chiropractor or seen their doctor for pain medications to improve their quality of life during the pandemic, 2021 can be a year for changing that.

With more people vaccinated and most people aware of ways to minimize the risk of catching Covid-19, now is a great time to address any health concerns you’ve been putting off. Maybe you need spine surgery and spine experts told you, prior to the pandemic, that they could help your spinal stenosis with a simple surgical procedure. Perhaps you’ve decided to wait on scheduling that surgery and have been dealing with neck pain and putting off spine care until later. Someone like you could begin the early steps of reconnecting with an orthopedic surgeon or at least scheduling a check-up with your primary physician now.

With signs of the pandemic coming to an end by the end of the year, now could be a good time to gather pamphlets, information, and materials like your cervical neck surgery recovery guide and come up with a new timeline for refocusing on chronic pain, ongoing conditions, and improving your overall quality of life. If you aren’t sure, start with a telehealth visit with your doctor and ask about Covid-19 protections to build a treatment plan together. Doing so could mean a healthier future.

Developing Self Care Routines


Part of making 2021 a year of personal health could also involve setting aside specific time to unplug from the world. Whether you make a regular routine out of getting together with friend or family safely to share American IPA and stream movies, or you turn your phone and other gadgets off to unwind with a book, putting more attention on the things that help you relax on a regular basis could reduce headaches, stress, and even improve your overall health.

Start by making a list of things you enjoy doing in your free time. Pick one self-care activity you can do a week in addition to your regular routine. You might be surprised at how quickly small acts of self-care help you to experience more energy and happiness in your life, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Finding a Therapist


People often forget that mental health is part of the overall health picture. Mental wellness can make a huge impact on serious physical conditions and whether you feel healthy on a daily basis. If you sometimes struggle with completing daily activities or goals, you could be suffering from symptoms of depression. The reality is that more people than ever before are reporting feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and sadness since the beginning of the pandemic.

To make your health a priority in 2021, consider hiring a therapist to work with you and your family members on your overall state of mind. Licensed therapists can help with deep breathing exercises to reduce anxiety, give you tools to manage behaviors, and even help you talk through feelings that might be new to you. In seeing a therapist, you’ll put yourself at better odds of remaining hopeful as the pandemic drags on.

Taking Proper Medications


The same way many have missed appointments with family doctors, others have stopped going to the pharmacy or even ordering their medications at all. Whether it’s that their refills have run out, they are experiencing financial challenges paying for medications, or other struggles that have caused them to skip their medications, this can add up to risky behavior when it comes to overall health. To stay healthy, it’s important that you refill your prescriptions and stay in close touch with your family doctor even when it’s through telehealth appointments. By taking your medications properly, you’ll be and feel healthier. If you’re having trouble paying for prescriptions in the United States, think about calling your pharmacy and asking about discount programs or going to the Marketplace to see what you can do about rescue plan insurances and tax incentives.

In making your health a priority, you’ll be not only investing in yourself but helping the people who love you, too. From being able to be more present at the moment for friends and family to ensure you’ll be around in the future, making your health a top concern could be one of the best things you do for yourself this year and a silver lining to the global pandemic. Take the time now to plan ways to ensure better health in the future, and you’ll thank yourself for it later.