How To Keep Your Child Active While Homeschooling

School is a huge part of kids’ lives and a very formative experience during their younger years. Many children go into a school building and sit in the classroom throughout the day, but some parents may prefer to homeschool their children. Whether this means an online school or planning a curriculum with personalized schoolwork, homeschooling your children can be a worthwhile adventure that will also come with some different decisions you’ll have to make.

As a homeschool parent, you want to make sure your kids still get a great education with their enrollment in virtual school or your homeschool curriculum. Beyond just textbook information and homework assignments, you’ll want to include opportunities for your kids to still get up and move throughout the day. The last thing you want is for them to be stuck in front of a computer throughout the day. Have fun coming up with some creative ways to get your kids active. Here are a few ideas you can utilize.

Start by finding your ideal homeschool program.


Homeschooling means different things for different families. The first thing you’ll want to do is find the program that fits your wants for your students. Perhaps that means teaching them yourselves. Or that could mean enrolling them in a school district that offers online learning rather than a traditional school. Elementary through high school students can attend online charter schools with professional instructors who can help them get the best education. From Oregon online charter schools to schools in South Florida, there are plenty of great online charter locations for you to explore all across the country.

Make sure there is exercise and movement in the curriculum.

If you want to help get your kids moving more often, you can request or guarantee that movement is included in the curriculum. Look for online programs with a gym requirement. Or plan your days to include at least an hour of exercise or playtime for kids and high school students alike. When you’re homeschooling, you have the power to make sure there is time planned into every day for these requirements.

Renovate your home and yard to add spaces for exercise.

When your home becomes a school as well, you may want to make some renovations to your space. You can include open spaces that are conducive to creative movement and exercise. Consider adding new elements to your backyard as well. Consult a Swimming Pool Contractor in Emmaus, PA to add a pool for an afternoon swim or talk to your landscaper in California to add a basketball hoop to your driveway. Anything that encourages a little extra movement and a welcoming space for your kids to move about will go a long way.

Treat activity as a fun break from work.

For many kids, exercise may feel like a chore or an annoying necessity. Work to change that narrative and treat movement as something exciting. Maybe those are the breaks they get from their work. Instead of allowing 10 minutes of screen time after an hour of class, consider going on a 10-minute walk to get some fresh air. These little changes will help kids feel happy to move and excited to be up and about.

Plan activities and field trips outside of the home.


Even though you’re homeschooling, you don’t need to stay home all the time. Consider taking little adventures to explore new spaces. Go on field trips to learn from other people for an afternoon or specify a day of the week that is outside of the home. Have fun adding these elements to the curriculum to create a healthy relationship with different spaces.