How To Improve the Mood, Comfort, and Vibe of Your Bar

If you’re tired of running a dead bar with little or no entertainment, poor air quality, or overly bright lighting, this is the article for you. The thing about bars is that there will always be someone present; it’s just a question of who. If your bar is poorly designed and unable to create the right mood, people will only come on their worst days when they’re insensitive to the dull mood.

Many bar owners complain of having more slow days than busy ones, but they aren’t aware of what’s keeping people away. It’s time to stop wondering and make strategic findings on what improvements you need to make. Below are a few of these tips.

Upgrade the lighting.


Installing bright light in your bar isn’t the best thing to do. Dimmed lighting creates a soft and warm glow that makes everyone and everything look better. Have you ever wondered why the person you met at a bar looked different in daylight? It’s not just the beer goggles. The business owners probably have years of industry experience and know what they were doing.

Speaking of beer goggles, the lighting in your bar isn’t the only mood lightener. The brew plays a significant part in this, too. Your beverage options should include different brews and drinks like cider, brandy, whiskey, rum, gin, and more. Such beverages require a liquor license and need to be bought from a registered distributor.

When choosing an alcoholic beverage distributor, ensure that all the desired liquor on your list is included in their portfolio. Further, you don’t want to serve alcoholic liquor only, so you will also need non-alcoholic beverages on your menu. Be sure your distributor has both. Also, ensure they supply these at an affordable price.

Create the simulation of fresh air.

It’s hard to keep going back to a bar with no proper ventilation. The same goes for your potential customers. Since most bars have block glass windows that you can’t just open up for fresh air, you’ve got to provide another air source. You can improve the indoor air quality of your bar by installing a good central air conditioning unit. It’s best to get one that includes both cooling and heating equipment.

Installing an AC unit is the least of your problems in this regard; maintenance is what you need to be concerned about. If you happen to own a bar in the state of Michigan, D&G Heating and Cooling, Inc. is a good heating and cooling contractor in Livonia, MI. They offer excellent service and can take care of all your preventative maintenance, routine maintenance, and other maintenance services. They also offer affordable maintenance plans that could favor your monthly or yearly budgets.

Choose catchy entertainment options.


Over the years, bars and clubs have used good music and peace of mind to lure customers each night and keep them coming back. These days, people want to do more than just sit, drink, and listen to music. Bars have introduced various forms of entertainment to keep people engaged even while they enjoy a hard cider and a cigar.

Some bars provide touchscreen tablets for customers’ personal use, where they can play trivia games and enjoy some friendly competition. Karaoke is also quite common in most bars. Apparently, people love to sing when they’re under the influence. On nights where you aren’t having a live band or special artists present, you could play cupid by hosting events like couples night or singles night. You can organize prizes for winners in cash form or in the form of promotional items like branded glassware and special tabletop menus.