How to Ensure Worker Safety for Physical Labor

On-the-job injuries are a danger that comes with certain occupations, ranging from firefighters to construction workers. Having an injured worker is often preventable, so long as employers do the work to keep safety key at all times. There are certain steps that any business should take to make sure that employees are protected and that, even when an injury happens, the proper procedures are taken to assure that their worker is treated and cared for.

Creating Safe Workplace Habits


Certain occupations require extra precautions to prevent workplace accidents. For example, companies like KY-KO Roofing take extra precautions to handle any roofing repairs. With more than 25 years of experience, KY-KO trains their roofers to be prepared for any job from replacing shingles to fixing leaks. Whether it’s a residence or a warehouse, KY-KO roofing systems are established safely with the guarantee of premier installation, starting from a free consultation.

When it comes to jobs like roofing, safety measures are important for employees to understand before taking on any task. Comprehensive training is a must for preventing workplace injuries. A safe working environment starts with employees following safety requirements to perform the job. Some companies have found success in teaming up with physical therapists to determine the physical demands of these positions, using the analysis to find better ways to avoid work injuries. Partnering with occupational clinicians can provide valuable insight to improve workplace ergonomics.

Keeping things clean can avoid several types of injuries. Everything from messy floors and tangled cords to just disorganized tools can make for work-related accidents. Labels and signs are one of the easiest ways to communicate safety procedures and help avoid dangerous hazards on the job. Just like most anything else on the job, rewarding safe behaviors can actually encourage safety and reduce workplace injuries.

Workers’ Compensation


It’s important for employers to lay out the facts of workers’ compensation law in the event that a workplace accident does happen, and an employee is left unable to do the job. WIN Network, home to some of the leading Chicago workers compensation attorneys, have decades of legal experience in cases related to workplace incidents. This includes operating with compassion and an assurance that everything from medical expenses to other debts impacted by being off the job are taken care of.

A workplace accident is a disruptive event for an employee and an employer. Businesses across the United States must submit a workplace injury claim through their insurance and open a workers’ compensation claim. This is regardless of the severity of the injury. Supervisors should explain worker’s compensation benefits to employees upon taking a job and again once a job-related injury happens. If an employee is injured because of recklessness or careless actions taken by another individual on the job, they may be entitled to financial compensation to cover any aftercare for a potentially permanent injury, even beyond the maximum benefits that can be offered through workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation lawyers will meet with an accident victim for a specific consultation and legal guidance. Within a workers’ compensation case, attorneys stress that the rights of the injured workers include medical treatment for any injuries suffered, including medication, therapy, and surgery. Some cases are labeled as temporary total disability, or TTD, which provides an injured employee with two-thirds of their average weekly wage. Other cases are PPD, or permanent partial disability, providing benefits for employees whose injuries make it impossible to return to the workplace. It’s important for employers and employees to stay transparent on any outstanding medical expenses or legal action that may be brought forth. Workers’ compensation may cover certain bills in exchange for employers being protected from a lawsuit.

Keeping an Open Dialogue


One of the easiest ways to create a safer work environment in manual labor is to be transparent. A work accident can be prevented with regular meetings regarding workplace safety. Regular meetings can review safety rules and discuss prevention in the best interest of the company. Employers should make it easy for their employees to come forward with any health and safety concerns. It’s a good idea to make clear a reporting system for any hazards that an employee may feel are going unnoticed. In some cases, a designated safety captain is appointed to handle any concerns for potential workplace accidents. That person then communicates with leadership at the top.

It’s important that workers also have the right tools to not only provide quality workmanship but keep them safe. A work accident could be the result of a piece of equipment that was not properly cleaned, serviced, or inspected regularly. Machine malfunctions are considered some of the most dangerous workplace hazards. It’s also important to stress to employees that their safety means everything. Stress stepping back from a job if you are not feeling well. This includes getting proper medical care, and this relationship can do wonders in the long run.