Common Reasons Families Put Off Buying Life Insurance

Families all across the United States rely on life insurance to provide structure and safety for their children and future. However, many families put off this all-important inclusion for far too long. There’s really no good reason to raise a family without this additional protection, but many do it anyway. Whether out of laziness, a laissez-faire attitude, or something else; families that don’t create this safety net are playing with fire, and are dangerously close to getting burnt.

Families that don’t buy life insurance, or haven’t made the purchase yet are often justifying the delay with prioritization of other expenses or action items. But putting this important security feature off is a disaster waiting to happen. If any of these sounds like you, consider rethinking your priorities in order to get this done as soon as possible.

“I don’t have time for the lengthy quote process.”


Many people think that finalizing a life insurance policy is hard work, time-consuming, or invasive in a way that makes the entire point more worry than it’s worth. The truth is, the best life insurance quotes and policy signups take just a few minutes. In addition, some types of policies don’t require a medical exam and can be completed online or over the phone from the comfort of your home.

The idea that life insurers are a waste of precious time that can be spent elsewhere is simply a myth. Taking out whole life insurance coverage in order to provide your family with a much-needed death benefit in the event of an accident or other tragedy is easy and fast. As well, it’s some of the best spent time you can take in order to ensure that your family will continue to live in the comfort that they’ve grown accustomed to if the worst were to happen.

“I can’t afford it right now.”


Many homeowners and parents think that life insurance policies are expensive. The premiums on a life insurance policy range from a few cents to dollars per day (for the Cadillac of coverage). Taking out as much life insurance as you need to provide stability for your family will cost you a bit every year, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the sudden loss of an income stream that accounts for half or more of your home’s inbound cash flow. The average cost to raise a child in the United States is upwards of $233,000 — and that’s not including the expenses that come along with college or any other outgoing debits that might come after your child turns eighteen.

Multiply that by two — since the average American family home supports 1.93 children — and you’re looking at a half a million-dollar bill for just the youth contingent of your family. The expenses that a family takes on can be perilous for those operating without the protection of life insurance coverage. The cash value of your policy can provide more than enough to cover these remaining years for your family and then some.

“Whole life insurance is for the elderly.”


Many older Americans choose to boost their life insurance coverage by adding a term life insurance policy to their existing whole life insurance coverage. However, insurance isn’t only for older Americans. Life insurance is a fantastic hedge against debts during all phases of life.

Americans of all varieties choose to approach a life insurance company in order to secure a death benefit payout that will help their family break even or take away a part of the estate after creditors take their piece of the pie. Your home, college education, and even credit card and medical expenses can quickly add up to demolish any cash you hoped to leave your family. A life insurance payout can erase those debts and give your family something to remember you by, no matter your current age.

Life insurance is an important consideration for all Americans. Consider your options and make the smart choice today.