Common Causes of High Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy bill soaring recently? While it could be because you were spending more time at home because of COVID-19 related lockdowns, there are several reasons your bill could have been higher than usual. We’ll take a look at a few reasons why your bank account is being hit a little harder, and simple ways you can bring it down in the future.

Furnace Frustration


If you notice some loud noises coming from your furnace, you may want to consider bringing in an HVAC technician to take a look at your system. If you’re hearing some hissing, it could be from leaks within your HVAC unit or the ductwork. It may be in your best interest to call in a technician to take a closer look and prevent further damage or higher energy bills.

If you’re hearing a constant clicking, that could be the result of a faulty electronic ignition system that could impact you the next time cold weather comes your way. If you’re dealing with more of a clanking noise, it’s best to call in a technician to check on loose equipment, possibly even fan blades. Loose fan blades can lead to serious damage to your HVAC system, and a potential need to replace the system altogether.

Squeaking noises could indicate a worn-out drive motor if you’re hearing that noise on a long-term basis, and a booming sound may point to ignition troubles. This noise pollution can not only annoy your everyday life, but it could also force you to put more pressure on a furnace or water heater, lacking efficiency and sending your energy bill skyrocketing.

Outdated Appliances


The truth is those older appliances you may have in your house aren’t designed to limit the amount of energy they expend. It may be best to invest in Energy Star appliances, certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to promote energy efficiency in households all over the country.

The use of these products can have an immediate impact on your electric bills, with noticeable savings and an immediate greener impact that can help reduce your carbon footprint and impact on climate change. One of the easier fixes beyond purchasing appliances and all sorts of new things is investing in energy-efficient lightbulbs that, according to some experts, can save you around $45 a year on your energy bill.

Limiting the usage of some appliances can also help bring that invoice down. Clothes dryers are a culprit of significant energy waste when used multiple times throughout the day. If you have appliances that you are leaving on and running idle, shut them down like computers, televisions, and anything that may be plugged in but not be in use right now.

Time of the Season


You feel the cold air coming in, you immediately run to crank up the thermostat. If it is getting hot and humid, you’re turning it down to get the air conditioner going. Weather is an easy to blame symptom for high energy costs, with homeowners seeing a 3-5% increase in energy use for every degree that thermostat is set lower in the summer, and higher in the winter. Experts recommend keeping the thermostat around 72 degrees Fahrenheit for a proper balance.

By monitoring your behaviors for energy savings, you can put that money towards something important, like living life to the fullest. Sadly, we can get so caught up in daily life, that something like terminal illness can take so much from us. With only so much time left, make sure it becomes quality time with your loved ones. Consider something for your spirituality or something that puts you and your family in a better mindset.