5 Reasons Why Simulated Diamonds Are Worthwhile

Naturally mined diamonds are slowly becoming a thing of the past as the alluring idea of lab-grown diamonds changes the market. This shift is for good reasons, as these man-made diamonds are practically indistinguishable compared to their natural alternatives. Plus, due to the numerous benefits lab diamonds have over natural diamonds, it makes sense that they are growing in popularity. So, if you’re looking for that perfect piece of jewelry and trying to understand why these lab diamonds are worth your investment keep reading to learn five important variables.

1. Lab diamonds are just as beautiful.


You may not believe it to be true, but you should note that synthetic diamonds look extremely similar to natural diamonds. In fact, many of the lab-created options have been chemically produced to have better clarity and brilliance. Not to mention, regardless of where the stone comes from, these two diamonds share identical chemical properties. If you’re searching for loose man made diamonds to add to a ring or necklace, you’ll want to check out Agape Diamonds, a company with extensive experience making lab diamonds that will make your piece of jewelry sparkle like no other.

2. They make the perfect gift.


Now that you’re more convinced of the allure of these precious stones, you might be wondering who deserves such a beautiful gift? The obvious answer is the woman you’re dating. Think of a diamond ring, earrings, or necklace as one of the best ways to impress your sugar mama and show that you’re invested in her. With this being said, if you’re going to be purchasing a simulated diamond and giving it to your sugar mama, you want to opt for a lab-created diamond that truly mimics the look of a natural diamond ring. This way, she’ll get all of the compliments on her new piece of jewelry.

3. Synthetic diamonds are durable, too.


Another perk about synthetic diamonds is that they’re just as durable as natural diamonds. Obviously, when you’re spending a large portion of your money on something, you want it to stand the test of time. Luckily, their man-made counterparts stand up to the challenge. These lab diamonds are grown in a lab from carbon. Essentially, this carbon is crystallized in the lab and turns out to be the same chemical composition as its natural counterpart. Plus, their hardness on the Mohs Hardness Scale is 10/10, which is identical to traditionally mined diamonds. What this means for you is that you get the same durable and breathtaking gemstones at a fraction of the cost.

4. Promote eco-friendly practices.


Without any reservations, you should know that lab-created diamonds are more eco-conscious too. To put it bluntly, naturally mined diamonds wreak havoc on the environment. The search for these natural diamonds has many negative consequences including deforestation, worker exploitation, soil erosion, and even ecosystem degradation. Instead of choosing this grim reality that is hidden beneath the face of naturally mined diamonds, lab-created diamonds promote safer eco-friendly advantages to the eco-conscious consumer. This commitment to sustainability has been gaining prominence in recent years which makes sense as to why many younger men have been opting for these lab diamonds for their partner’s engagement ring and other fine jewelry.

5. Affordability is key.

A clear bonus about a diamond simulant is the price difference. This affordability means that you can get more bang for your buck. Instead of choosing an engagement ring or piece of jewelry that is underwhelming, you get to go all out on the carat size and cut that you know your recipient would absolutely adore, all for a better price. By purchasing a simulated jewel, you’ll be able to get brilliant and durable gemstones that prioritize sustainability and is the size of the diamond that you want, without breaking the budget.