5 Different Types of Tech Jobs for You to Consider

A career in IT is a significant step for those interested in developing their skills in problem-solving and programming. In the world of information technology, professionals are in high demand to provide troubleshooting guidance to companies.

There’s almost nothing you can’t do with a technology degree. People who complete computer science degrees go-ahead to get some of the highest paying jobs in Fortune 500 companies. Our article throws more light on the five major IT job types in the United States. You can get a head start to improve your skills, and ultimately, reach and exceed your career goals.

1. Data Analyst


New data is generated almost every minute, and there’s currently an extremely high demand for IT workers who can use and analyze data to grow businesses. You can become a data analyst via the traditional education route where you undertake courses from selective universities, or you can opt for the self-taught route.

To gain a university degree, you will first need to undergo the college application process of your chosen undergrad or graduate school. Next, after receiving your college admission, you begin the journey to certification. The self-taught journey is made as and when you please, typically in the comfort of your home. It makes use of the internet, books, and all other forms of educational material you find helpful.

Working as a data analyst is demanding but fulfilling. It’s intensely knowledge-based. So, we advise that you start working towards some of them as early as possible. One of them is the OSHA certification program, which helps ensure that the standards set in your chosen company are adhered to and upheld.

2. Computer Programmer

If you want to enter this field, you should consider going for admissions counseling to find the best path to take to reach your goals. Counseling helps you come up with a customized and unique approach to getting your degree, and this will help make you an exceptional member of an expert team of developers, no matter where you find yourself. What’s more, if you think this is the right fit for your skillset and interest, you can also use a mentor who is already in the field.

3. Software Developer

The demand for software developers is one of the highest-regarded tech roles around the world. The need for more software developers stems from the constant demand for more technological products like mobile apps, websites, operating systems, and business interfaces. Although similar to the role of a programmer, working as a software developer means you’re involved in the full project scope as opposed to just being a coder. With the varying products you can create, software development is a versatile job that you can grow in quickly.

4. IT Manager


This next role comes with countless responsibilities. IT managers of huge companies usually work with lots of data. Their ability to dissect, decipher, and strategize with these numbers makes us understand why the job pays so well. One of the responsibilities of IT managers is to ensure no systems crash and that none of their security walls are breached by hackers. Some of the best schools to learn about becoming a manager include MIT, Wharton, Stanford, and Yale.

5. Quality Assurance Tester

When companies want to know if their software is free from bugs and meets industry standards, they usually call on quality assurance testers. These are engineers or technicians who work with mobile applications, gaming systems, and more. The requirements for becoming a quality assurance tester include a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or design. Other skills required include communication skills and excellent time management.