5 Businesses You Can Start While Working a Day Job

You’re looking to add an exciting new adventure in addition to your day job (aka, a side hustle). The options for owning your own business are endless. Finding one that fits your interests, funds, and personality can feel difficult, though However, look no further. Here are five businesses that you can start today while still working your day job.

1. Flip cars.

If you’re looking for an exciting, ever-changing business to start, consider flipping vehicles. You can save up enough money to purchase a vehicle to fix up. Once you’re ready to find one, don’t be afraid to look for wrecked cars for sale. With a little bit of time and money, you can restore these salvage cars to sell for a great profit.

Keep in mind that you will need to have the money saved to repair vehicles. Look into buying these salvage cars from the Auto Auction Mall. Their online store is full of so many different popular car companies. You can find pretty much any vehicle on the auction including specific brands like Toyota Camry or a Volkswagen Jetta, or more general cars like SUVs, vans, or sports cars. These different kinds of rebuildable cars are added to the auction almost continuously. Repairable cars will require just a bit of maintenance, but with the dedication to flipping the vehicle, you can get an interested buyer in no time.

2. Sell clothing.

Another job that you can effortlessly work into your life is selling clothing. There are so many clothes selling apps on the market currently. Utilize these popular apps by posting your old clothes for sale. You can also use social media to advertise selling your clothes to any of your followers. If they’re interested in your clothing item, ask them to use a virtual payment app to send over the cost, then ship out the goods. If you don’t have clothes to sell, you can search for trendy clothing pieces at vintage or thrift stores. Then, up-sell these clothing items from your original buying price to make a brilliant profit.

3. Web sales.

If you are interested in building an online store to sell practically any items or handmade goods, you need a quality website. If you’re building a website but you’re stumped about how to transition to eCommerce sales, you might need more help than you originally thought, especially compared to a typical CMS that isn’t built for eCommerce.

To make your online store top-notch you need more than solid web design. You need a web developer that considers all aspects of the web design and eCommerce market. A great way to achieve this is to use Endertech’s Shopify web developer. A Shopify developer will get you impressive results and help drive eCommerce sales. Endertech’s Shopify developers have years of experience in eCommerce. By utilizing their web development services and Shopify experts, you can increase eCommerce business sales, and help mobile app development.

4. Doggy care.

If you’re a pup lover, consider starting a dog-related business. You can start daily walks with dogs or just on the weekends. When it comes time for your weekend walk with your puppy client, you’ll want to ensure their safety and comfort. Many owners don’t take the extra time to incorporate leash training for their pups, so walking with a traditional leash can lead to unnecessary pulling. This pulling puts too much pressure on the dog’s neck and head.

To alleviate this strain and make your walks easier, look into purchasing a no pull harness. This harness wraps around the dog’s chest with padding to take the strain off of the dog’s neck and ensure a comfortable and perfect fit. This particular harness from Joyride Harness doesn’t only help with strain. It also allows you to have better control of your pooch. And no matter the size or breed of dog, they sell front-clip harnesses that work for small dogs and larger dogs. It’s the best dog harness on the market if you’re trying to get in a great walk without the pup lunging at people or pulling. This way, your doggy client and you are both having a great time.

5. Weekend photographer.

Another great job you can start with free time is becoming a freelance photographer. If you already have a camera, you can start by practicing out on friends. Use these photo sessions to advertise your unique design and photography skills. Start a new website or blog to show off your portfolio. Remember that you have many different subject-photography options. You can reach into taking photos of weddings, senior portraits, real estate, or even simple headshots. What’s great about this gig is that you can manage sessions around your schedule. With patience and camera skills, your new side business can really take off.