5 Benefits of UV Lamps in Your Home or Business

After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) last year, many individuals, couples, families, and organizations have been seeking effective ways to ward off the easily spread virus and slow and stop its transmission. Some people use ultraviolet (UV) light in their homes and workplaces to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, as UV may effectively inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes it.

In addition to viruses, UV light demonstrates its effectiveness at killing microorganisms, making it ideal for homeowners to keep in their homes and business owners to have in their workplaces. As the primary germ killer in the natural environment, UV light has properties that hospitals—where pathogens exist in large amounts—and some organizations leverage through a practice referred to as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. Using ultraviolet lamps has proven to be a promising solution for inactivating or killing microorganisms, as UV disrupts microorganisms’ DNA and replication. Homeowners and business owners who want to acquire germicidal UV lamps for their living spaces and workspaces, but are unsure about UV light disinfection, can rest assured that these lamps are advantageous and make a difference to the environment. Listed below are five benefits of using UV lamps in your home or business.

1. UV lamps have disinfectant properties.


One of the critical benefits of UV lamps is that they offer disinfection that’s more effective than other disinfecting methods. UV light can kill bacteria, germs, and a wide variety of harmful organisms in an average of ten seconds, from a distance of approximately six inches. Ultraviolet light from these lamps can destroy mold spores. In contrast, other disinfection methods might not eliminate these organisms thoroughly, or they may leave moisture that enables fungi to thrive. Germicidal UV lamps, advantageously, are dry disinfection methods that can prevent future mold growth.

2. Using UV lamps can remove allergens from the air.

In addition to mold, spores, and bacteria, other contaminants such as dust or pollen may exist in living spaces and workplaces that can compromise one’s health. Likewise, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—organic chemicals with a high vapor pressure at room temperature—can be problematic indoors where natural dissipation doesn’t occur. Germicidal UV lamps can ultimately reduce the amount of VOCs in your home or workplace.

3. Your indoor air quality can improve with UV lamps.

Removing VOCs and irritants from your indoor air makes the environment safer for everyone and improves its quality. UV light works continuously to prevent microbial substances from accumulating. Through a lamp, UV lights can work hard to reduce contaminants that accumulate on your ductwork, drain pans, air filters, cooling coils, and other crucial components of your HVAC system. UV lights can clean the air and make it more breathable and safe, which can be especially helpful to individuals with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

4. UV lamps can contribute to increased energy savings.

Not only can lamps prevent organisms from reproducing and damaging your ceilings, walls, carpeting, and ductwork, but they can also help you avoid clogged air filters that may limit your HVAC system’s airflow. When harmful substances clog your HVAC system, they can shorten the heater and air conditioner’s life, increasing your utility bills. By leveraging the advantages of germicidal UV light, you can cut down on maintenance costs and avoid expensive repairs caused by breakdowns.

5. Disinfection from UV lamps is non-toxic.

Perhaps the most critical benefit of germicidal lamps is that they’re non-toxic. Ultraviolet light is an environmentally friendly solution for disinfection that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. Part of what makes ultraviolet-C (UVC) radiation an effective method for disinfecting water, air, and nonporous surfaces is that there is no direct UV exposure or contact with the human eye or human skin when used in the air ducts or a lamp.

Using ultraviolet lamps can improve your air quality, produce health benefits, and save you money in your home and workplace.