3 Tips to Help Your Brand Take Advantage of Emerging Technology

It’s common knowledge that technology keeps evolving daily due to constant improvements in hardware and software solutions alike. Business is also changing, as modern-day customers expect more value from companies they engage with. Therefore, your enterprise needs to keep up with emerging technology amid this rapid digital transformation.

Lagging on the latest industry technology will position you behind more agile organizations that experience more growth, visibility, and profitability. Thankfully, all businesses, irrespective of their size, can successfully adopt new technology to keep them competitive within their industry. Below are three crucial tips to help your business exploit innovation for the best results.

1. Marketing Software


Maximizing profits and gaining exposure is a common goal shared by all enterprises worldwide. A great marketing strategy can help you achieve this goal, and thankfully, you can rely on emerging technology for assistance. Leveraging video marketing to reach customers is also more efficient and cost-effective than buying TV and newspaper ads or posting flyers. You can use marketing software to obtain critical insights that will boost your profitability, so keep this in mind. Knowing some helpful methods such as logistic regression in Python can also help you analyze data better to obtain insights. Informative websites such as the Nick McCullum site will come in handy for tutorials.

Nick McCullum, a software developer, and professional explainer. His article on logistic regression in Python is a guide to help you learn the steps in building logistic regression machine learning models in Python. Logistic regression is a predictive analysis algorithm that is now a vital machine learning tool, allowing you to classify new data based on historical data. The tutorial covers predicting with a logistic regression model and building one, training a logistic regression machine learning model, among others, all in a Python environment.

2. Upgrade Business Tools

Enterprises rely on hardware and software tools to help them function effectively. However, these technological solutions are constantly being perfected thanks to rapid innovation. Therefore, your old computers and software from years ago will likely perform at subpar levels because they can’t keep up with trends. As such, ensure that your business has the latest hardware and software to help it run efficiently. Consequently, replace outdated hardware like monitors, keyboards, and hard drives around the office.

Additionally, update all software relevant to your operations, especially your anti-malware security tools, to ensure that you can withstand advanced hacking attempts. However, it’s essential to note that cybercriminals are also perfecting their methods as you update your business tools. Therefore, security awareness training for employees is crucial. Reliable corporate security tools providers such as LifeRaft can provide more insights into various types of social engineering attacks.

LifeRaft is the brain behind the Navigator platform, a powerful cybersecurity tool that strengthens corporate security by identifying, assessing, and validating possible threats to your workers, operations, or business property. Their website provides helpful articles to customers on must-know corporate security information, such as the various social engineering examples and how to navigate them. Hackers and scammers rely on human psychology when they employ different social engineering techniques to trick people into divulging sensitive information or unintentionally facilitate a data breach. Phishing is by far the most common type of social engineering attack.

Social engineers send malicious links via social media or email, tricking unsuspecting users into opening these links to install malicious software, ransomware, or leak data. Spear phishing attacks are highly efficient because they steal login credentials to send personalized messages from reputed sources, for example, an email from your boss asking for a quick wire transfer. Vishing is also another form of social engineering where imposters pose as your credit card company to ask you to verify private information. Tailgating, baiting, and pretexting are other social engineering examples you should know to protect your company and workers from social engineering attacks.

3. Social Media

Social media is now a potent tool that modern enterprises can use to their advantage in many ways. Therefore, invest in being present on social network sites like Facebook and Instagram so your target audience can quickly find your brand. You can also promote your business offerings, offer responsive customer service, and boost your sales and leads thanks to social media. It isn’t surprising to see various companies, enterprises, and famous billionaires like John Arnold on different social media platforms.

John Arnold is a philanthropist and founder of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation together with his wife, Laura Arnold. The Texas billionaire became the youngest in the United States in 2007 and is a former energy trader and founder of Centaurus Advisors, a hedge fund specializing in energy trading.

To conclude, businesses can harness innovation to their advantage in several ways. The above-listed points are three tips worth knowing to leverage emerging technology and boost your company’s operations.