3 Reasons Why Instacart Is the Best Vehicle for Your Delivery Business

Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to popularity in ordering from food delivery services throughout North America. Both restaurant owners and food and beverage providers have found ongoing success in getting products directly into the hand of customers. With the help of mobile device functionality, as well as GPS-based delivery options, a new thriving industry has changed the face of grocery shopping for independent contractors and large chains alike. Perhaps the most innovative service option is Instacart, which has reinvented the way both retailers and individual customers approach food shopping. Here, we will look at three key reasons why Instacart is the best vehicle for your delivery business.

1. Vehicle and Personal Shopper All-in-One


Instacart is a unique service, providing grocery pick-ups and deliveries through an online website or easy-use mobile app. There, customers can conduct their shopping from participating retailers using the online menu, then receive their items from a personal shopper. What sets Instacart apart from other delivery options is its business strategy, allowing both the customer and the retailer to benefit from the convenience of the transaction. In addition, both parties save a ton of time and money in the process.

If you’re a retailer looking to cut out the numerous elements of performing your own deliveries, partnering up with Instacart can help cut down such budgetary concerns as funding additional road staff, maintaining a fleet of vehicles, and paying for the necessary commercial insurance required to run such a secondary operation. Many business owners commonly utilize vehicle auctions to save on truck and commercial car costs when organizing a car and truck fleet for those purposes. However, with Instacart, your full-service shopper uses their vehicle in order to select, purchase, and bring the purchased items directly to the customer. In fact, retailers who utilize Instacart’s services attract more sales than ever, as their customers now know that their shopping can be easily performed from home.

2. The Popularity of Online Ordering

Last year saw a steep rise in online shopping. With “shelter-in-place” and “stay-at-home” mandates in effect amid health and safety concerns, many businesses were forced to think outside the box in meeting customer demand. Fortunately, the practice of a home delivery service benefitted both loyal customer bases, as well as business owners and restaurants. The public adapted to curbside pick-up and order options made almost exclusively online and through mobile apps. When it comes to grocery service, convenience and savings are here to stay.

Aside from the ongoing safety guaranteed by buying online, customers are able to shop according to their own schedule. In only the last year, Instacart Jobs have increased, as the number of new customers, customer account numbers, and delivery frequency has all risen. In the end, the shoppers benefit from Instacart’s own discounts (such as a lower delivery fee on the first delivery, premium introductory offer rewards, and potential for future bonus rewards), Instacart workers have found great employment opportunities with the extra cash that the personal shopper status provides, and retailers have seen greater numbers in sales.

3. Expanded Options and Hours of Operation


Not only can Instacart provide your delivery business with a larger customer base and overall budgetary savings, but it also allows for more options in additional products and hours of operation. For example, many businesses utilize bottled water delivery for their offices and storefronts. Popular for breakroom supply and as complementary clean water for visitors, the bottled water industry is thriving. Just as those bottled water companies offer options on 5-gallon bottles (for water coolers) as well as smaller, individual 8-ounce bottles, they also provide free delivery and pick-up and recycling service for the empty bottles by appointment. In the same manner, those water companies also provide the same services and discounts to their new residential customers.

Likewise, Instacart allows your company to increase menu offerings, additional products, and even expand your hours of operation.

This final benefit is largely due to the fact that customers who order online can pick the time when they wish to receive their order. In this way, the individual Instacart workers may conduct the needed shopping during your hours of operation, but as a third-party employee, will make the requested delivery at the time selected by the Instacart customer. Your business may be open or closed at that time of day, but the Instacart worker picks up the items within the timeframe of normal business hours, dropping off the products at another time. As far as customer’s experience goes, your company has the deserved appearance of expanded business hours.

In regards to your company’s bottom line, integrating Instacart’s services into a regular workflow is the ideal practice for overall increased productivity and customer loyalty. The services provided hold more benefits than had been previously available through exclusive brick-and-mortar retail, as well as traditional delivery options.