3 Benefits of a Fleet Telematics Solution

The transportation industry is a vital cog in the U.S. economy. Every sector of business relies on trucking companies to get them the products and supplies they rely on for their business operations. With so much riding on their ability to deliver, fleet managers have more than enough on their plates to worry about. They can use all the help they can get, and there’s no better tool for fleet managers than telematics technology.

Telematics is a system for tracking vehicles and uses GPS and onboard technology to provide actionable data to fleet managers and dispatchers. Telematics is a premier fleet management solution and could even help lower insurance premiums for your fleet. Continue reading to learn about three of the most impressive benefits of telematics solutions.

1. Improve driver safety.


All fleet managers and dispatchers worry about the safety of their drivers and fleet while on the road. Unfortunately, they can’t be in the cab with all their drivers as they complete their routes, but fleet telematics is the next best thing.

A comprehensive fleet telematics solution can significantly help improve driver performance and safety. You can put telematics devices on your entire fleet and get driver data behavior such as average traveling speed, acceleration, and idle time, and they can even report harsh braking and fast cornering.

You can also use dashcams to get footage of the cab while your fleet is in operation. You can set your cameras to watch the cab or the road, enabling you to see what the driver sees in real-time. Video telematics can help your company avoid false claims against your fleet operators and provide footage for training videos.

2. Get real-time vehicle data.


Tracking driver behavior is a great way to promote safe driving, but telematics can also provide real-time data about your fleet vehicles. Robust fleet management software programs use analytics to provide actionable insights about vehicle health and performance.

Real-time vehicle data and predictive analytics enable preventative maintenance, significantly cutting fleet downtime. A telematics device delivers up-to-the-moment vehicle diagnostics and stores information for maintenance purposes. Imagine being able to predict an engine failure weeks or months before it happens. You can prevent breakdowns and avoid high maintenance costs.

Fleet management software comes with a customizable dashboard that enables you to prioritize the insights that matter most to you. You can even check on vehicle health using a mobile app, enabling you to manage your fleet from anywhere you have an internet connection. Now, you never have to wonder about the condition of your commercial vehicles.

3. Improve your fleet’s overall efficiency.


Possibly the most important thing for fleet managers is that telematics can enhance the overall efficiency of their entire fleet. One of the ways it can help boost productivity and efficiency is using historical data and analytics to find the most efficient route quickly. You can also monitor fuel consumption and implement a fuel management plan to cut costs. Furthermore, with the ability to track driver location and idle times, you can increase driver productivity. It seems at this point, the biggest question is, what can’t fleet telematics solutions do for your company?

Fleet operators encounter many variables in their business operations. One small mistake could have a seismic impact on the company’s bottom line. That’s why telematics solutions prioritize driver safety. Furthermore, with real-time data insights into vehicle health and other important information, companies can prevent unplanned downtime. Moreover, telematics technology can improve your fleet’s overall efficiency by cutting fuel costs, finding optimal routes, and promoting work order management.

As you can see, telematics is a superb fleet management solution for fleets of all sizes. Its functions boost productivity and driver safety, making it a fleet manager’s best friend. So, are you ready to put the power of telematics and fleet management software to work for your company?